teamworkAdelphi Retirement Management, LLC, adds significant value and peace of mind to your self-directed IRA investing. We have found that more than 30% of all initial transactions proposed by our clients are “prohibited” by IRS and ERISA rules. If these investors had engaged in prohibited transactions prior to seeking our counsel, they would have risked forfeiting their IRA’s entire assets.

The annual reporting and filing requirements for self-directed IRAs are significant. Adelphi Retirement Management will oversee all such filings, as well as prepare quarterly financial statements for your review. You can feel confident that your self-directed IRA will always be in compliance and that your proposed transactions have been screened by experts.

Since all of your IRAs assets will be held in a limited liability company and the custodian will only hold the membership interests of the LLC, you can hold an unlimited number of investments in your self-directed IRA without incurring any additional costs. Now is the time that you take control of your financial future and diversify your portfolio.

Adelphi Retirement Management is proud of its track record for leadership and performance in the retirement industry. Adelphi Retirement’s mission is to maintain the highest level of integrity, honesty, knowledge, and customer service in its industry.

Adelphi Retirement Management prides itself on the execution of all properly authorized transactions in a timely fashion, promising and delivering 24-hour funding at no charge.

As required by the regulations, we will retain all required records for a period of five (5) years from the date the account is closed. The description of the document that was relied upon and the methods used to verify the identity of the customer will be retained for five (5) years after opening the account.

Adelphi Retirement Management is in compliance with maintaining copies of such items and safeguarding them against disclosure under the privacy regulations adopted in 2001 under the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act. All such records shall first be filed and stored in such a manner as to be accessible within reasonable period of time.